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Investigation of Reptiles Fauna in Central Zagros in order to identify important Habitats

Autor: Barbod Safaei-Mahroo 28.12.2011

Reptiles in the four provinces of Central Zagros range from April to December 2010 were studied and 37 species were identified. Study includes identify and count reptiles in linear transects. In Isfahan province; Dena Protected Area, Semirom and Khafr and Sivar villages were evaluated. In this province, six families, eleven genera and twelve species were identified. In Charmahal and Bakhtiari: Tangsayad national park and protected area, Helen and Sabzkuh protected areas, Sharekord, Ardal, Lordegan, Broojen cities, Heydarabad and Gelsefid villages were evaluated. The results showed reptiles of the studied areas in this province includes a total of ten families, twenty genera and twenty four species. In Kohgiluye and Boyerahmad province; Dena and Eastern Dena protected areas, Dehbaraftab and Dashteraz villages were studied. The results showed a total of reptiles in this section include ten families, twenty one genera and twenty five species. In Fars province; Margoon and Tangbostanak protected areas and Jiderzar village was investigated. The results showed that the studied areas in this province including nine families, eighteen genera and twenty species. The results also showed that foothills parts of Doroudzan Lake to northern part of Kamfiruz in Fars province and from the East Dashteraz Village to the southern border of Dena protected area in Kohgiluye and Boyerahmad province have highest reptile’s species diversity.




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