You are here » home taxonomy Family Dendrobatidae Genus Ranitomeya

Genus Ranitomeya Bauer, 1988

Superordinated taxons

Class Amphibia Order Anura Family Dendrobatidae Subfamily Dendrobatinae

Subordinated taxons

Species: Ranitomeya amazonica (Schulte, 1999)
Ranitomeya amazonica Grant et al., 2006
Dendrobates amazonicus Schulte, 1999
- pralesnička amazonská
Species: Ranitomeya fantastica (Boulenger, 1884)
Ranitomeya fantastica Grant et al., 2006
Ranitomeya fantastica Bauer, 1988
Dendrobates phantasticus Werner, 1901
Dendrobates fantasticus Boulenger, 1884
Species: Ranitomeya imitator (Schulte, 1986)
Ranitomeya imitator Grant et al., 2006
Dendrobates imitator imitator Schulte, 1999
Dendrobates imitator yurimaguensis Schulte, 1999
Ranitomeya imitator Bauer, 1988
Dendrobates imitator Schulte, 1986
Species: Ranitomeya lamasi (Morales, 1992)
Ranitomeya lamasi Grant et al., 2006
Dendrobates lamasi Morales, 1992
Species: Ranitomeya reticulata (Boulenger, 1884)
Ranitomeya reticulata Grant et al., 2006
Dendrobates reticulatus Boulenger, 1884
Species: Ranitomeya uakarii (Brown et al., 2006)
Ranitomeya uakarii Grant et al., 2006
Dendrobates uakarii Brown, Schulte & Summers, 2006
Species: Ranitomeya vanzolinii (Myers, 1982)
Ranitomeya vanzolonii Grant el al., 2006
Ranitomeya vanzolinii Bauer, 1988
Dendrobates vanzolinii Myers, 1982
Species: Ranitomeya variabilis (Zimmermann and Zimmermann, 1988)
Ranitomeya variabilis Grant et al., 2006
Dendrobates variabilis Zimmermann & Zimmermann, 1988
- pralesnička proměnlivá
Species: Ranitomeya ventrimaculata (Shreve, 1935)
Ranitomeya ventrimaculata Grant et al., 2006
Dendrobates ventrimaculatus Daly, Myers & Whittaker, 1987
Dendrobates minutus ventrimaculatus Shreve, 1935




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