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Genus Chamaeleo

Superordinated taxons

Class Reptilia Order Squamata Suborder Sauria Family Chamaeleonidae Subfamily Chamaeleoninae

Subordinated taxons

Species: Chamaeleo africanus Laurenti, 1768
Chamaeleon basiliscus Cope, 1868
Chamaeleo calcaratus Merrem, 1820
Chamaeleo aegyptius Bonnaterre, 1789
Chamaeleo candidus Laurenti, 1768
Species: Chamaeleo calyptratus Dumeril & Dumeril, 1851
Chamaeleo calcarifer Peters, 1870
Chamaeleo calcaratus Peters, 1870
Species: Chamaeleo chamaeleon (Linnaeus, 1758)
Chamaeleo saharicus Müller, 1887
Chamaeleon fasciatus Smith, 1866
Chamaeleo cinereus Strauch, 1862
Chamaeleon vulgaris Daudin, 1802
Chamaeleo parisiensium Laurenti, 1768
Lacerta chamaeleon Linnaeus, 1758
Species: Chamaeleo dilepis Leach, 1819
Chamaeleo angusticoronatus Barbour, 1903
Chamaeleo capellii Bocage, 1866
Chamaeleo petersii Gray, 1865
Chamaeleo planiceps Merrem, 1820
Chamaeleo bilobus Kuhl, 1820
Species: Chamaeleo gracilis Hallowell, 1844
Species: Chamaeleo zeylanicus Laurenti, 1768


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