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Reptarium association

We found a association, whitch will be guarantee this webpage and arrange lecture gathering. It is way how to become adequate partner for sponsors, government, owners of auditoriums and so on. Because our goal is not make profit, we choose unprofit association form.

Main goals of Reptarium association

Our main goal is support of development teraristik, keeping and breading reptiles, amphibians and mamals and their conservation in enviroment. We want to reach this goal mainly by sharing information about keeping and conservation of animals, educate association members and promotion teraristik and herpetoculture temporal public. We would like to make contditions and place for comunication and gathering people interesting in teraristik and herpetoculture.

Full version of charter.


Name: Reptarium
ICO: 27011461
Seat: Folvarek 1027/19, Ostrava - Stara Bela, 724 00
Bank account: 201102935 / 0300


President: Tomáš Drabina -
Board member: Jakub Karásek -
Board member: Jiří Hošek -




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