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Genus Trapelus

Superordinated taxons

Class Reptilia Order Squamata Suborder Sauria Family Agamidae Subfamily Agaminae

Subordinated taxons

Species: Trapelus agilis (Olivier, 1807)
Species: Trapelus lessonae (De Filippi, 1865)
Species: Trapelus mutabilis (Merrem, 1820)
Species: Trapelus pallidus (Reuss, 1834)
Trapelus pallida Al-Quran, 2009
Agama pallida Reuss, 1834
Species: Trapelus ruderatus (Olivier, 1804)
Species: Trapelus savignii (Duméril & Bibron, 1837)
Trapelus savignyi Müller, 2001
Trapelus savignii Macey et al., 2000
Agama savignii Duméril & Bibron, 1837
- Agama pustinná


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