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Genus Mauremys

Superordinated taxons

Class Reptilia Order Testudines Suborder Cryptodira Family Geoemydidae Subfamily Geoemydinae

Subordinated taxons

Species: Mauremys annamensis (Siebenrock, 1903)
Mauremys annamensis Iverson & McCord, 1994
Annamemys annamensis Savage, 1953
Cyclemys annamensis Siebenrock, 1903
Species: Mauremys caspica (Gmelin, 1774)
Species: Mauremys mutica (Cantor, 1842)
Species: Mauremys sinensis (Gray, 1834)
Mauremys sinensis Spinks et al., 2004
Emys chinensis Gray, 1870
Ocadia sinensis Gray, 1870
Emys bennettii Gray, 1844
Emys sinensis Gray, 1834


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