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Genus Leiopython Hubrecht, 1879

Superordinated taxons

Class Reptilia Order Squamata Suborder Serpentes Family Pythonidae

English name: krajta

Subordinated taxons

Species: Leiopython albertisii (Peters & Doria, 1878)
Bothrochilus albertisii Rawlings et al., 2008
Leiopython albertisii Kluge, 1993
Morelia albertisii Underwood & Stimson, 1990
Bothrochilus albertisii Cogger et al., 1983
Liasis albertisii Peters & Doria, 1878
Species: Leiopython bennettorum Hoser, 2000
Species: Leiopython biakensis Schleip, 2008
Species: Leiopython fredparkeri Hoser, 2000
Species: Leiopython hoserae Hoser, 2000
Species: Leiopython huonensis Schleip, 2008


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