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Genus Anolis

Superordinated taxons

Class Reptilia Order Squamata Suborder Sauria Family Iguanidae Subfamily Polychrotinae

Subordinated taxons

Species: Anolis aliniger
Species: Anolis allisoni
Species: Anolis baracoae
Species: Anolis barbatus (Garrido, 1982)
Anolis barbatus Hass et al., 1993
Chamaeleolis barbatus Garrido, 1982
Species: Anolis bartschi
Species: Anolis chamaeleonides Duméril & Bibron, 1837
Chamaeleolis chamaeleonides Rodríguez Schettino, 1999
Chamaeleolis chamaeleontides Boulenger, 1885
Anolis chamaeleonides Duméril & Bibron, 1837
Species: Anolis crassulus Cope, 1864
Norops crassulus Guyer & Savage, 1986
Anolis crassulus Cope, 1864
Species: Anolis garmani Stejneger, 1899
Norops garmani Savage & Guyer, 1991
Anolis garmani Stejneger, 1899
Species: Anolis guamuhaya (Garrido, Pérez-Beato & Moreno, 1991)
Anolis guamuhaya Hass et al., 1992
Chamaeleolis guamuhaya Garrido, Pérez-Beato & Moreno, 1991
Species: Anolis noblei
Species: Anolis olssoni
Species: Anolis porcatus
Species: Anolis porcus (Cope, 1864)
Anolis porcus Powell et al., 1996
Chamaeleolis porcus Cope, 1864
Species: Anolis roquet


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